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We understand that the world is a complex and everchanging place.  Global threats now effect each and everyone one us locally.  Global threats should not be taken lightly.  Good Security Is All About Planning, Execution, and Paying Attention to Details.


And we pay attention to the details.  Because when it comes to our security, no detail is too small.

We partner with industry leading security planners, former special operators, and former miltiary and law enforcement personal to give our clients the best service availble to meet their mission.

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To deliver cutting edge security services to Military, Law Enforcement and Private Industry encompassing training, logistics, surveillance and investigations for a dynamic global environment.



Real-world solutions


innovative approach


global partnerships


world-class personnel

Tactical & mission Training

Military & LAw Enforcement procurement

small arms weapons repair & consulting

From off the shelf training programs, to fully customized Periods of Instruction (POI), our cadre of expert multinational trainers allow us to provide tactical & mission training that is unlike any in the world.


Our trainers demonstrate and utilize the newest innovations in weapons, tactical equipment and tactics for our classes. We have partnerships with elite training facilities around the world and are capable of adapting our training program to meet your mission objectives.



Our network of international vendors give us the ability to advise our clients with the latest in cutting edge military and law enforcement equipment ranging from thermal imaging to boots.


We will work directly with your personnel to determine the most cost effective solution for your equipment requirements.

Our highly qualified and experienced Armorers are able to supply a global repair service at your facility or operational deployment location.  The full spectrum of Small Arms from 4.6mm to 12.7mm caliber, Mortar’s and Grenade Launchers can be serviced.  We can tailor a full maintenance program for all your Small Arms to protect your investment and ensure reliability when needed.


Utilizing our weapons consulting experience we advise and source Small Arms through our network of licensed dealers to give you the optimum advantage of selection and pricing available.

secure logistics


BackGround investigations

risk assements  surveillance

Protecting assets during transit is a key component to logistical planning.  Whether shipping regionally or internationally, our personnel understand the complexities of secure logistics and planning.

We offer a variaty of solutions to meet your investigation needs.  Whether it is an employee background check, or an investigation concerning an international business transaction multiSEC can deliever.

We team with the industry’s leading manufacturers and system designers to offer custom integrated solutions to your surveillance needs.  From risk assessments at individual sites to full multifaceted facilities, our systems designers understand how to conduct a proper threat assessments and how to mitigate these threats with effective surveillance solutions.  Our partners provide solutions to government agencies and corporations around the world.


Good planning is good business.



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